Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What will my job be?

I will be a Life Skills Volunteer working with the HIV/AIDS Capacity Building Project. As of now we only know broad details about what we'll be doing exactly but here is what I know:

The Batswana (people of Botswana) are for the most part well educated about HIV/AIDS basic facts and prevention strategies, but lag behind in making the necessary changes in behavior. Behavior change is a KEY factor in preventing further spread of the virus. One of the key behavior change strategies being used by the Government of Botswana is Life Skills education. The Ministry of Education is rolling out a new life skills curriculum for all grades in the public school system.

There will be 15 other Life Skills Volunteers heading to Botswana with me and we will be part of the third tour taking part in this new Life Skills Program, working with schools to strengthen the life skills of young people. Joining us on our trip will be about 40 other new volunteers who will be doing other jobs related to HIV/AIDS.

That's the short version of what I know now! Once I'm in the thick of it you'll get to know more!

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